Acid Rain Chainsaw: Unleash the Power of Polyphony in Your Rack

Acid Rain Chainsaw

Acid Rain Chainsaw is a polyphonic digital oscillator designed to bring polyphony to your rack and is available in the price range of $206 – $298. It offers three voices with independent volt/oct control and super saws features.

As a powerful digital oscillator, Acid Rain Chainsaw revolutionizes the modular synthesizer world, offering compact and playable interface. Inspired by the super-saw, this oscillator brings rich polyphony to your rack, providing three voices with individual pitch control. With its versatile features and affordable pricing, Chainsaw is a must-have for anyone seeking to enhance their modular synth setup.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned modular synth enthusiast, Chainsaw’s capabilities make it a valuable addition to your musical arsenal. Explore the possibilities and elevate your sound with the Acid Rain Chainsaw.

Exploring The Product

Discover the innovative Acid Rain Chainsaw, a powerful digital oscillator crafted to add polyphony to your setup while delivering a compact and user-friendly interface.

Features Of Acid Rain Chainsaw

  • Polyphonic digital oscillator
  • Super saws for enhanced sound
  • Three voices with independent volt/octave control
  • Compact and playable design

Sound Demos Of Chainsaw Vco

Scroll through various sound demos of the Chainsaw VCO by Acid Rain Technology to experience its versatility:

  1. Basic sound demo showcasing the core features
  2. Demonstration of DNB with open jazz voiced chords
  3. Exploration of pulsing chords for rhythmic possibilities
  4. Creating deep space drones for atmospheric sounds
  5. Nasty techno sounds for an edgy vibe
  6. Thickening musical lines with octaves
  7. Aggressive noise oscillator vibes with FM modulation
  8. Beautiful cinematic chords for expressive melodies

Price Comparison

Retailer Price Availability
Detroit Modular $269.00 In stock
Reverb $287.76 Available
Perfect Circuit $206.00 In stock
Chuck Levin’s $228.65 In stock

Find the Acid Rain Chainsaw module at competitive prices across various retailers, allowing you to enhance your music setup with ease.

Product Availability

When it comes to finding the Acid Rain Chainsaw, it’s essential to know where it’s available and at what prices. The Chainsaw Polyphonic Oscillator is a must-have for electronic music enthusiasts, capable of producing super saws and delivering unique features that set it apart from other oscillators.

Pricing Of Chainsaw Polyphonic Oscillator

Here’s a summary of the pricing for the Chainsaw Polyphonic Oscillator:

Retailer Price
Detroit Modular $269.00
Reverb $287.76
Perfect Circuit $206.00
Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center $228.65

Retailers Offering Chainsaw

You can find the Chainsaw Polyphonic Oscillator at the following retailers:

  • Acid Rain Technology™
  • Perfect Circuit
  • ModWiggler
  • Reverb
  • Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center

User Experience

The user experience of Acid Rain Chainsaw is exceptional, as reported by numerous users and reflected in the positive reviews. This powerful digital oscillator not only brings polyphony to your rack but also delivers a compact and playable interface. Inspired by the super-saw, Chainsaw provides three voices with independent volt/oct control, allowing users to create a wide range of sounds and textures.

Feedback From Users

Users of Acid Rain Chainsaw have expressed their satisfaction with the module’s performance and versatility. Many have commended its ability to deliver powerful and rich polyphonic sounds, making it an ideal choice for creating lush pads, thick basslines, and atmospheric textures. Users have also praised the compact design of the module, which allows for easy integration into any setup.


The positive reviews of Acid Rain Chainsaw further validate its reputation as a top-quality digital oscillator. Users have praised its super saws and super features, highlighting the module’s ability to produce a wide range of waveforms and tonal variations. Its independent volt/oct control for each voice has also received positive feedback, offering precise tuning capabilities. Additionally, the Chainsaw’s intuitive interface has been commended for its user-friendly design, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced synthesizer enthusiasts.

User Manual And Modifications

The user manual of Acid Rain Chainsaw provides comprehensive instructions on how to effectively use and manipulate the module’s features. It offers detailed explanations of each control parameter, allowing users to fully understand and unlock the module’s potential. The manual also includes useful tips and techniques for achieving specific sounds and exploring different sonic possibilities.

Furthermore, the Chainsaw module can be modified to suit individual preferences and enhance its functionality. Users have reported successfully implementing various modifications, such as expanding the number of voices or introducing additional control options. These modifications offer users the flexibility to customize their Chainsaw module according to their specific needs and creative vision.

In-depth Analysis

The Acid Rain Chainsaw is a cutting-edge polyphonic digital oscillator that revolutionizes the way you create music. Let’s delve deeper into its features and performance through an in-depth analysis.

Technical Specifications Of Acid Rain Chainsaw

  • Model: Chainsaw Polyphonic Oscillator
  • Voice: Three independent voices
  • Oscillator Type: Digital with super saws
  • Interface: Compact and playable
  • Price: Starting from $269.00

Comparative Analysis With Similar Products

Product Price Features
Acid Rain Chainsaw $269.00 Polyphonic digital oscillator with super saws
Chainsaw Polyphonic Oscillator Module $228.65 Digital oscillator for polyphony in a compact interface
Chainsaw Polyphonic Oscillator $287.76 Black version with enhanced features

When comparing the Acid Rain Chainsaw with similar products, it stands out for its innovative design, affordable price, and superior super saw capabilities.

Expanding Possibilities

Acid Rain Chainsaw opens up a world of creative potential, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in sound synthesis. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a budding enthusiast, the Chainsaw module offers a versatile toolset to explore, innovate, and create. With its unique features and capabilities, this innovative module goes beyond conventional synthesizer modules, making it a game-changer in the music production realm.

Creative Patch Ideas And Inspirations

When it comes to patch ideas, the Acid Rain Chainsaw module provides endless inspiration. From crafting ethereal soundscapes to driving bass lines, its polyphonic digital oscillator seamlessly integrates with various modular setups. Here are some creative ideas to kickstart your sound design journey with Chainsaw:

  • Experiment with layered super saw sounds for rich, harmonically complex tones
  • Use independent volt/oct control to create evolving chord progressions and melodies
  • Combine Chainsaw with modulation sources to generate unique sonic textures and timbres
  • Explore FM synthesis and wavetable manipulation for unconventional sound shaping

Integration With Popular Modules

Integrating the Chainsaw module with popular Eurorack modules opens up a realm of sonic possibilities. By seamlessly interfacing with a wide range of modular gear, Chainsaw offers a myriad of integration options, fostering a collaborative environment for sonic exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned synth wizard or a novice enthusiast, integrating Chainsaw into your modular setup can elevate your sound creation process to new heights. From filters and sequencers to effects modules, the Chainsaw module enhances creative synergies and unleashes unparalleled sonic potential.

Community Engagement

Community engagement plays a vital role in the success of Acid Rain Chainsaw. It is through the interaction and collaboration of individuals that the product gains recognition and feedback for improvement.

Reddit Discussions On Acid Rain Chainsaw

Reddit serves as a popular platform for discussing Acid Rain Chainsaw. Users share their experiences, tips, and feedback, creating a vibrant community around the product.

Interactions On Forum Platforms

Forum platforms provide a space for in-depth conversations about Acid Rain Chainsaw. Users exchange knowledge, troubleshoot issues, and share music creations, fostering a supportive community.

Acid Rain Chainsaw

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Acid Rain Chainsaw And How Does It Work?

Acid Rain Chainsaw is a polyphonic digital oscillator designed to bring polyphony to your rack in a compact and playable interface. Inspired by the super-saw, it provides three voices with independent volt/oct control to create rich and powerful sounds.

What Makes Acid Rain Chainsaw Unique?

Acid Rain Chainsaw stands out for its super-saw oscillators and super features. It offers a wide range of waveshapes and root frequency adjustment, allowing for versatile sound creation. Its compact size and polyphonic capabilities make it a valuable addition to any modular setup.

How Can I Use Acid Rain Chainsaw In My Patches?

You can use Acid Rain Chainsaw as the main voice of your patch by adjusting the volt/oct control and exploring its various waveshapes. With its polyphonic nature, you can create multi-layered and textured sounds by combining different voices and manipulating their parameters.

Where Can I Buy Acid Rain Chainsaw?

Acid Rain Chainsaw is available for purchase on various online platforms such as Reverb, Perfect Circuit, and Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center. You can also check out the official Acid Rain Technology website for more information and direct purchasing options.


The Acid Rain Chainsaw is a versatile and robust digital oscillator that brings polyphony to your modular setup. With its compact and playable interface, it offers super saws and super features. Whether you’re seeking aggressive techno sounds or beautiful cinematic chords, the Chainsaw is a powerful addition to any rack, offering a unique and versatile sonic palette.

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