Terms And Conditions Of Home Improvement Way


The terms and conditions of Home Improvement Way present users with a specific guideline on access, usage, limitations, and tell which regulations to follow while surfing the homeimprovementway.com site. 

Any visitor must agree on all terms and conditions while browsing homeimprovementway.com. The given terms and conditions act as an instruction brochure that defines what visitors are allowed to do or not on this site. For example, a visitor must be over 15 to be allowed to visit this website. 

Fair Use Policy:

Home Improvement Way shows respect to the intellectual rights of contents individuals or organizations have. On this site, any data, images, media, content, quotes that belong to others are given proper credit. Also, the contents are used with their consent and according to existing laws.

Purpose :

The purpose of Home Improvement Way is to share everyday home and wood experiences. Also, the site is created to act as a community hub where visitors, contributors, experts all can share their experiences, ask questions about home decoration, cleaning, etc, and learn. 

The information shared on this site is solely from daily experience and enthusiasm. Visitors are suggested not to follow any guidelines of this site for professional activities. 

Restrictions :

To keep the site free from any unprecedented events, there are certain restrictions for visitors here, some of these are as follows : 

  • Visitors are not allowed to use any content without permission. If plagiarism found, an individual may be sued on intellectual property rights
  • Any data, analysis, chart, tools can’t be used for research purposes without consent. 
  • No personal advertising is allowed using this site’s contents. 
  • No media, content, clips, articles can be used publicly from this site. 

Usage Agreement :

All the stated terms and conditions are mutual agreements between website owners and individuals visiting sites.  The agreement is on the topic of publication, use, sharing of any contents of the site. 

Users must follow the rules stated in terms and conditions while visiting the site. The rules are applicable while visiting and collecting data too.

Liability Limitation : 

Home Improvement Way and everyone associated with the site is not liable for any individual loss or consequences of your activities that are somehow connected with the contents of this site. 

Rights of Intellectual Property : 

The contents, writings, media, and data published on this site are the sole properties of the site owner. Here intellectual rights are respected and other’s works are used with permission. If someone thinks his/her intellectual works are colliding with the contents of this site, they are requested to send a query on the following mail. The team will respond with due care and explanation.

[email protected]

Terms And Conditions Altering :

Home Improvement Way has the power to alter, cut, and include terms and conditions based on existing law. Visitors are advised to go through the terms and conditions part to know about any new inclusion of t&c.

Complaints and Retractions : 

If anyone has proof or strong belief that any contents of this website have plagiarism,  connection with his/her intellectual rights or someone known, reach us at [email protected] for dispute, query, and information. 

Content for Future Research :

Any media or information users share while visiting the site allows Home Improvement Way legal right to store and use these in future activity. The site owner also holds the right to remove any information of users if found plagiarized or unauthentic.

Govt Law And Jurisdiction : 

All the terms and conditions stated in the guideline are implemented in compliance with the laws of the State Government. If any terms are found inappropriate under stated law, they will be removed immediately. If anyone claims dispute settlement,  that can be done in the state or federal courts.