Board Footage Calculator

Board Footage Calculator

Are you excited to start a woodworking project? Great! But first, we need to talk about buying wood. Buying too much can waste money. Buying too little can stop your project. The solution? A Board Footage Calculator!

Board Footage Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions On Board Footage Calculator

What Is Board Footage?

Board footage is a measurement of volume used to quantify the amount of lumber in boards. One board foot equals a piece of wood that is 12 inches by 12 inches by 1 inch.

How Do You Calculate Board Footage?

To calculate board footage, multiply the width (in inches), the length (in inches), and the thickness (in inches) of the board, then divide by 144.

Can I Use Board Footage For Any Wood Project?

Yes, board footage helps determine the volume of wood needed for various woodworking projects, ensuring you purchase the right amount of material.

Is A Board Footage Calculator Easy To Use?

Absolutely, a board footage calculator streamlines the process by quickly converting measurements into board feet with simple inputs.

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